About CuVantis Wealth Planning, LLC

Partnering with Your Credit Union

At CuVantis and Your Credit Union, we recognize that you have both short-term and long-term financial goals. While your credit union can help with your checking, savings, debit/credit cards and all your borrowing needs, CuVantis helps with your longer-term needs like planning for (and in) retirement, education funding, investments, IRA’s and estate planning. Together, CuVantis and your Credit Union can help you live for today and plan for tomorrow.

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CuVantis Mission & Values

Mission, Vision and Values

We believe that the culture of any firm is a direct result of the principles that guide its decision making.  While it’s easy to live up to the highest ideals when times are good, these are the principles that will guide us when times get tough.

Mission:  To help our member-clients realize their best lives.

Vision:  To be the premier provider of expert, unbiased financial advice delivered through credit unions to members

Values:  Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, Ownership, Empathy, Passion

About Our Name

We’d like to take credit for coming up with our name, but the reality is that in true 21st century fashion we did what everyone does to get an answer to a complex question – we turned to the web and social media. 

Specifically, we held a crowd-storming contest. 

So what’s a crowd-storm?  It’s a contest where we were able to tap into creative minds around the world.  


iStock-623504166 Resized Crop

We told our creatives to come up with a name that spoke to the advantages that credit union members have when seeking financial services, and boy did they respond.  We received over 750 unique suggestions from over 200 creatives from more than a dozen countries around the world!  We were then able to test multiple names with various audiences to see which one resonated the best.

The result?  CuVantis Wealth Planning, LLC.  You may have never heard of it before, but we’re sure you will in the future.

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