Investment Approach

The CuVantis Wealth Planning Investment Management Approach is built on the following five principles.

It Starts with a Plan

Investing should be done with a purpose and a plan. That’s why one of the first things your CuVantis Financial Advisor will ask is, “What are your goals?” Whether its retirement, education, caring for elderly parents, starting a business or chasing a dream, your investments should support the goals that are most important to you.

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Simplicity is Elegant

Second, we believe investing doesn’t have to be complicated. That means we won’t make bets on high flyers or try to score big wins with complex stratagems, but rather, we’ll employ time-tested and proven investment strategies in an effort to achieve appropriate, risk-adjusted returns that give our clients the greatest chances for long-term success.

Costs Matter

There’s a big debate in the investment industry between more expensive active money management versus less expensive passive management. The truth is, each will cycle into and out of favor over time and either may be appropriate depending on the client’s goals. When tax-sensitivity, active security selection or dynamic allocation management is called for, we’ll utilize active managers and techniques to achieve those goals, but then implement other areas of the portfolio with passive investments in an effort to bring overall costs down. When no special considerations are present, we’ll implement the entire model predominantly using low-cost, passively-managed index funds or ETF’s.

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Professional Allocation Models

Studies* have shown that one very important determinant of investment returns is the asset allocation decision. Through an agreement with our account custodian, TD Ameritrade Institutional,** we have access to a wide variety of passive, active and even tax-sensitive allocation models from industry pioneers including BlackRock, State Street Global Advisors, Wilshire Associates and more.

Help, Helps

Finally, we believe in financial planning and the help of a financial advisor. Investing can provoke strong emotions. In the face of market turmoil, some investors may find themselves making impulsive decisions. Conversely, in times of market calm, others may procrastinate, become apathetic or fail to take appropriate actions to achieve their goals. A CuVantis Financial Advisor can help you quantify your goals, create a plan, and most importantly, help you stay on track to achieve them.

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*The Importance of Asset Allocation, Ibbotson, R., Financial Analysts Journal, Vol 66, Number 2, March/April 2010.

**TD Ameritrade Institutional is a division of TD Ameritrade Inc., member FINRA/SIPC (“TD Ameritrade”), an unaffiliated SEC-registered broker-dealer and FINRA member.


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